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Joshua Van Tassel - Dream Date (CD) BKWRD002

Joshua Van Tassel wants to take you on a date through his imagination.

"When people dream, we often find ourselves going from one seemingly unconnected scene to another without warning or reason. The reality is that our dreams are the products of our memories and subconsciousness, and these random scenes share more in common then we realize at first glance."

His third full-length album, Dream Date, is a score to a series of dream scenes that take place in his mind.

"The idea is that you're being led through these scenes by a large (but friendly and gentle) gorilla/yeti-type creature. All of the songs on the album contain sounds from one another blended in some way, and each have a very specific story along with them. Hence the 'Dream Date' title."

Pressing Information

Limited-edition full-colour 4-panel compact disk package, printed matte on 18pt paper with embossed cover and inserts on vellum paper.